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QC Fleet Management Sdn Bhd complies with S.21 (1) Bank Negara Act to operate leasing business in Malaysia. QC Fleet is also a registered contractor with Ministry Of Finance Malaysia to operate leasing package for heavy equipment, passenger vehicle and machinery.

We offer Finance & Operating Lease package for any type of vehicle model required by the customer, mainly brand new vehicle range from sedan, SUV, MPV, Pick Up and Commercial lorry or truck. Our lease package consists of road tax & insurance renewal, maintenance coverage, 24hours breakdown assistance and replacement vehicle.

Customer will enjoy a "Hassle Free" driving experience throughout the lease period as everything is taken care by QC Fleet & Rental.

For rates and offers please contact QC Fleet & Rental sales personnel for further details .


QC Car Rental Sdn Bhd obtained Hire & Drive license and permits from Ministry of Tourism Malays ia to conduct car rental business in Malaysia.

We offer daily, weekly and monthly rental for var ous type of vehicles from sedan, pick up, SUV and MPV. Among the models available are Proton, Isuzu, Volvo and Toyota.

Fleet Management

QC Fleet & Rental also provide consultation to any customers which have problem to manage their company fleet. We will do a study and come out with a solution on the right way to manage the company vehicles.

The key benefits include:

Leasing entails 100% financing of the fleet

The vehicle can be made available, without having to use one's own financial resources. As a result, the company's borrowing capacity is not affected.

Off balance sheet financing

Being off balance sheet financing the leased vehicle will not affect the customer return on fixed assets. The monthly lease rate are charged out as expenses.

Less tax payable / Full tax deductions

The lease / rental charges are allowed as expenses for tax deduction & hence contribute towards efficient tax planning.

No disposal required

With leasing, the headaches of selling the used vehicle are eliminated. When the lease period ends, the customer will return back the vehicle to us and they are free from sourcing for any buyers for the vehicle.

Hedge against inflation

The rates is inclusive of the maintenance charges over the period of lease or rental and there will be no additional charges due to inflation before the lease or rental term expired.

Low capital outlay

Requires only one advance lease payment and minimum security deposit upon confirmation.

Easy cash flow and budgeting projection

The lease rate is fixed throughout the lease term and it can be structured according to the customer budget and requirement.

No residual value risk

The vehicle will be return to us and the customer is free from risk of the residual value of the vehicle.

Hassle free

We will monitor the vehicle maintenance. A replacement vehicle will be provided during schedule servicing, breakdown, accident cases or any repair and maintenance job.

The following provide a summary of areas where potential savings can be made:

  • Avoiding or Minimizing Risks
  • Accident repair and Insurance claims
  • Determining the most favorable vehicle policy
  • Improving liquidity and cash flow position
  • Reducing your administration and systems costs
  • Set free capital tied up in company fleet

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